Guest rooms 客室

Guests can choose from 3 types of guest rooms, all with attached bath and toilet.

【和洋室】本館(トイレ・バス付) - Japanese & Western Type -
  • 【和洋室】本館(トイレ・バス付) - Japanese & Western Type -
  • 【和洋室】本館(トイレ・バス付) - Japanese & Western Type -
【和室】新館 緑水亭(トイレ・バス付)- Japanese Type -

Guests can enjoy the nice scenery from these rooms.

【和室】新館 緑水亭(トイレ・バス付)- Japanese Type -
Tatami room + Bath and Toilet

Maximum guests: 5

【和室】新館 緑水亭(トイレ・バス付)- Japanese Type -
2 Tatami room + Bath and Toilet

Maximum guests: 8

【洋室】新館 緑水亭(トイレ・バス付)- Western Type -
【洋室】新館 緑水亭(トイレ・バス付)- Japanese Type -
Twin bed + Bath and Toilet

Maximum guests: 2

Public baths 大浴場

Our onsen’s texture is pulp. Your skin will be very smooth and moisturize.
It has good effect for heals so it is famous for one of the heist quality onsen in Japan.
2 inside public baths and 2 open air public baths each with 1 for women and 1 for men. Guests can enjoy the nice scenery from open air public baths.

トロトロの湯、つるつるの肌触りは、化粧水いらず!! 医学的にも効果は高く、「名湯」の一つです。


It is located in front of our ryokan.
It is the onsen spot has one of the biggest amount of onsen in the tochigi prefecture.
Guests can take this onsen for free.

Amenities -アメニティ-
Shampoo, Hair Treatment, Body soap, Hair Dryer, Body Weight Meter


Public baths 大浴場

Meals 食事

We serve delicious meals made with a lot of local fresh ingredients to our guests.
We change the menu by season so please enjoy the taste and experience of our seasonal meals.

Dinner 夕食
Dinner 夕食 Japanese set meals
Breakfast 朝食
Breakfast 朝食 Breakfast: Buffet / We serve 60 kinds of meals.
Additional order
  • Tiger globefish (Torafugu) Farming with hot spring 温泉とらふぐ
  • Horse-meat sashimi 馬刺し
  • Yuba (delicacy made from the skin of gently boiled soybean milk) 湯波
  • Ayu (sweetfish) 鮎
Additional order

Facility information 施設概要

structure館内設備 Main building (1 floor), Annex (4 floors with elevator)
Accommodation館内施設 Lobby, Restaurant, Souvenir shop, garden, ground golf
Check-in timeチェックイン 3:00 p.m.~6:00 p.m./15時~18時
Check-out timeチェックアウト 7:00 a.m.~10:00 a.m./7時~10時
Credit card acceptedご利用可能クレジットカード VISA、MASTER、AMEX、JCB、UC、NICOS、MC
Parking駐車場 Free parking with 80 spaces available.あり(80台、無料、予約不要)
Wi-Fi service-WIFI環境について-
Each guest room is provided with free Wi-Fi. In addition, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi access from anywhere within the hotel during their stay.
Language -スタッフの対応言語-
施設概要 全館禁煙

Cancellation Policies キャンセルポリシー

If the reservation is canceled…

No notice不泊 On the intended check-in day当日 1 days prior to the check-in date前日 3 days prior to the check-in date3日前 5 days prior to the check-in date5日前
100% 100% 80% 50% 30%

Activities アクティビティ


Green fee
:500JPY for the first hour.
250JPY for every 30 minutes after that.(tax included)
  • *Green fee is for 1 adult.
  • *The play clock starts from when you ask the front desk staff to play.
  • *Children 12 and under (pay) half price.
  • ※料金案内はお一人様の金額(消費税込)です。
  • ※上記時間は受付から精算までの時間とします
  • ※小学生以下は半額
Open -ご利用時間-

9:00 a.m. Close 6:00 p.m. (April - September)
4月~9月 9:00~18:00(受付は17:00まで)

9:00 a.m. Close 6:00 p.m. (October - March)
10月~3月 9:00~17:00(受付は16:00まで)

Rental fee -用具貸出料金-

Club 400JPY/Ball 100JPY
*Tax included
*Ryokan guests and children 12 and under (pay) half price.

クラブ1本 400円/ボール1個 100円


*All players must wear running shoes or golf shoes (when playing).
*We are not responsible for any injuries or losses incurred.


Access 交通アクセス

By Car お車でお越しの方
By Car お車でお越しの方
By Train 電車でお越しの方
By Train 電車でお越しの方

The easiest way to visit us is by car.
If guests come here by train, please reserve the free shuttle bus.
The bus departs at 2:00 p.m. from Ujiie station.
*Reservation is required.

Sightseeing spot 周辺観光

Nikko toshogu Shrine 日光東照宮

Nikko toshogu Shrine日光東照宮

IThe Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the most famous shrine of the World Heritages in Nikko, enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Edo bakufu (shogunate),, but most of it was renovated by Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third shogun, in the Great Reconstruction of the Kanei era in 1636.Inside the shrine, encompassed are 55 architectures including 8 national treasures and 34 important cultural properties.
Each architecture is decorated with sculpture, japan and brilliant color coatings crafted by famous craftsmen selected and gathered from all over Japan. It is said that total 40 to 100 billion yen in present currency value was spent to create those great-flamboyant architectural beauties.


Nikkosan Rinno-Ji Temple日光山輪王寺

The history of the Nikkosan Rinno-Ji Temple started 1200 years ago, when Shodo Shonin (Saint Shodo),, who firstly served as the head priest of Nikko, founded the Shihonryuji Temple. Sanbutsudo Hall, the main temple, is one of the largest wooden architectures in Nikkousan, and houses Buddhist statues respectively symbolizing honchibutsu (original Buddhist divinity), of the holy three mountains in Nikko, such as Senju-Kannon (Kannon with a thousand arms: honchibutsu of Mt. Nantaisan), Amidanyorai (Amitabha Tathagata: honchibutsu of Mt. Nyohousan), and Bato-Kannon (Kannon with a horse head: honchibutsu o Mt. Tarosan),, which is 8m tall. In addition to the above, there are still many spots that visitors should not miss: such as the Gomado Hall that houses the statues of the gods of fortune such as Bishamonten, Daikokuten and Benzaiten; temple’s treasure house that exhibits the statues of Buddha and sutras registered as the national treasures or important cultural properties; Shoyoen garden, a Japanese-style garden that features a path around a pond.

Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine日光二荒山神社

In 766, Shodo Shonin (Saint Shodo), stepped into the mountains in Nikko. The Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine deifies Mt. Futarasan (Mt. Nantaisan),, the most symbolized mountain of those, as its object of worship, and, as an only shrine in the area, has been regarded as ujigamisama (a guardian of the place),, as well as the center of the mountain worship that has been believed in the area for long time. The precinct of the shrine is as large as about 3,400ha and contains the mountains of the Nikko National Park. In the area of the Nikko mountains, there are the main hall and front shrine, the single-layer Irimoya-zukuri-roofed architectures registered as the World Heritage, as well as shinen (shrine gardens), that spring water gushes out. This shrine is also famous for answering to prayers of those who seek good luck, pregnancy, smooth delivery of babies, and marriage tie.

Nakagawa aquatic park なかがわ水遊園

Nakagawa aquatic parkなかがわ水遊園

Nakagawa aquatic park is one of the most unique Freshwater fish aquarium. Visitors can enjoy various experience lessons, events, water activities and shopping.

Nasu highland resort 那須高原

Nasu highland resort那須高原

Nasu-machi is a popular highland resort that attracts 5 million Japanese visitors a year. It is also a location of the Imperial Villa, a retreat used by the Japanese imperial family. In this issue we focus on the attractions of Nasu, a highland resort not far from Tokyo including hot springs, dairy farms, theme parks and meals made with local ingredients.

Nasu garden outlet 那須ガーデンアウトレット

Nasu garden outlet那須ガーデンアウトレット

This resort-style outlet mall has about 150 shops, ranging from fashion to sports, outdoor goods to restaurants. You can spend the whole day here–kids can play in the Kids Garden and dogs can run about in the extensive Dog Garden.

Nasu Animal Kingdom 那須どうぶつ王国

Nasu Animal Kingdom那須どうぶつ王国

The vast park contains over 600 animals from around the world. You can encounter lots of different kinds of animals including the kingdom’s idols, the alpacas

Nasu safari park 那須サファリパーク

Nasu safari park那須サファリパーク

About 700 animals belonging to 70 species live in the park. You can go round by car or bus. You can feed some of the animals at close range.

Nasu Ropeway 那須ロープウェイ 茶臼岳

Nasu Ropeway那須ロープウェイ 茶臼岳

Nasu ropeway service operates from the eighth station to the ninth station on CHAUSU-DAKE Mountain that is one of the most famous active volcanos in Kanto district.